Downgrade Bebop 2 firmware

In order to check working with Bebop 2 from python, I was required to downgrade from 4.3.0 to older firmware.

Here is described as I did it, as well firmware itself and older FlyFlight Pro working with this version.

Firmware 3.2.0: (from

Other firmwares (currently 4.0.3-4.4.0):

Method for downgrading is taken from this video:

For Windows 10.

  1. Enable telnet in Windows, by searching for “cmd”, right mouse button, “Run As Administrator right”, and type dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient
    (base on
    Note, in future, you should run telnet from cmd runned at Administrator right too.
  2. Install FileZilla or TotalCommander.
  3. Connect Bebop to PC/Laptop via wifi 2.
  4. open Command Prompt 3. turn on Bebop 2 by pressing power button, then open telnet port by press power button 4 times
  5. type
    and press enter
  6. type
    mount -o remount,rw /
    and press enter
  7. type
    vi /bin/updater/dgwl.txt
    and press enter
  8. press i
  9. scroll to the end of last line and press enter
  10. add two new lines with number of version to downgrade, such as 3.2.0
  11. press ESC
  12. type :wq then press enter
  13. Open Filezilla of Total Commander. In FileZilla where it says Host type in press enter and it will connect to Bebop 2. In Total Commander press Ctrl+F and create a new connection to Host and connect to Bebop 2.
  14. Go to Bebop’s folder internal_000 and copy there firmware from PC.
  15. In telnet type
    /bin/updater/ /data/ftp/internal_000
    and press enter. It will transfer firmware to updater
  16. reboot the Bebop 2 and wait for it to update itself
  17. I don’t do it – (do a factory reset of Bebop 2 by holding the power button until it resets.)


Using FreeFlight

FreeFlight will not allow to connect to old versions of Bebop 2. To reslove it, here is two ways:

1) Use older Free Flight version (taken from bebop yazilim :

2) Use FlyToDiscover app instead Free Flight (costs 10$)



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